A review of NF’s 2019 concert

Recently, I watched an effective NF concert. The event started with a blank screen and the music was slowly introduced with a lot of lighting effects to enhance the overall experience. The way the light was used was effective in that it reflected NF’s music; in the way it was dramatic and also was implemented alongside the dynamics within the songs. This helped to create an atmosphere. It was used throughout the concert in a way that replicated how the songs were being sung. When NF finally began singing, he was stood in front of the screen which had different images being projected onto it of his album cover and different clips from the music videos. This added to the experience once more.

NF used his posture and movement to reflect the mood of the song. When a particular part was upbeat there would be a lot of energetic movement around the stage, from left to right. However, if it was more impactful and he wanted the audience to focus on the lyrics, NF would stand still to demonstrate that he wanted people to listen and focus on what the lyrics were saying instead of how he was moving across the stage. The main art form in NF’s concert was music because NF is a rapper/singer, but there were also other types of art forms used such as: cinematography, lighting, dance etc.

The way everything involved in the show was tied to one another and reflected the overall atmosphere and the message behind the song was effective in that the lighting, the projection behind NF, the way movement was used contributed to how the audience responded. I liked how it evoked more emotion when all of these factors were used and enhanced the experience. I also like how dynamics were used in NF’s songs in that it made the song more impactful and made each song feel more emotional.

The things I didn’t like was that sometimes the use of lighting and the other elements were overused at times, which took away from the overall performance and made the songs less impactful. It would’ve been more emotional if a lot of different things weren’t happening at once and if there had been a focus on one specific point. All the different elements tied together should’ve only been used at specific points, not all the time because this became repetitive and made it seem over dramatized in a way that stopped the song from being as emotional as it could’ve been.

I haven’t seen another event like this one. I have been to small music events, but this event was on a much larger scale and had a lot of unique and professional elements.

From this art event I have learned different ways in which I could perform and how I could implement movement and the use of dynamics in my own performances in the future. For example, at specific points in my songs I can increase the volume to reflect what the lyrics are trying to communicate and also decrease the volume to add more emotion and indicate to the audience that I want them to listen. The concert helped give me an idea of how I could use the space around me to enhance the emotion and energy within my songs and how to create a relationship between the person performing and the audience.

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