Alexander Mcqueen Women’s Spring/Summer 2013

For my second Part C review I was in a similar position like my first review of not being able to go out to see these events in real time, yet I was still able to take the same type of route for my Part C reviews and I decided to pick another event which I liked so I chose the Alexander McQueen Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I originally saw this event for the first time around two months ago possibly on the same day I reviewed the Moschino runway from my previous review which are both on YouTube and I found this Runway after looking up famous Alexander McQueen creations to which I found images of the collection from this video that really inspired me.

This Fashion show was directed and created by English Fashion designer Sarah Burton who has worked to make iconic pieces under the brand name of Alexander Mcqueen and created a range of designs taking inspiration from his infamous Honeybees, there was not much rearranged with the set design partly because audience would not be able to see the models at first but also so the audience focusses on the stunningly detailed looks that have been created for thus runway.

The inspiration for this runway was inspired by his Iconic Honeybees using the honeycomb colour scheme consistently used throughout all the looks but also each individual look uses Hexagons to emphasise the spring theme that represents life and nature which is what can be displayed through these looks with their natural colour scheme mixed with Honey based colours, each of the looks also shares the trend of Round black headpieces with Hexagon holes around them In the shape of Beekeeper’s veils which I thought were such a great idea because at first it has connotations of Dark and Gothic feelings and Moods that are Juxtaposed to the light colour scheme through the rest of the outfits which seems very odd and unusual from first glance but links back to the concept of the Bees in spring being the focus. The main theme of this runway was also based around the study of femininity with the extensive concepts of Eroticism, Corsetry, cages and crinolines representing the female form of fashion in multiple time periods like the 1960s or 1700s, a

lmost as if the concept approaches the multiple silhouettes of women’s fashion in a way that expresses lightness in each period of women’s fashion displayed in each look.

So many great looks walked down runway but a few stood out to me in ways better than the others such as Look 24 worn by Elena Martels who is wear a Floral Yellow Tea-Length off the shoulder dress with a brown belt sinching her waist in which was a small detail that was carried through each look and was a fabric choice used somewhere through all the looks, I really enjoyed this look because to me it really evoked the essence of a women’s spring time dress in the 1960’s with a slight twist using the black Hoop skirt corsetry and Spiked strappy heel to give of both serene and happiness elements with extra connotations of Ferocity and Protection. This look is accessorised with the signature Alexander McQueen veil and a custom black and gold rhinestone choker that appeared to match the spikes on the shoe to push those elements of Couture fashion but also with a sense of Danger, this look overall really made sense with the theme because it actually reminded me of a bee with the floral touches all over the yellow tulle representing springtime and Honey whilst also using the Spikes on the shoes and Choker to possibly represent the sting of the bee.

Another fantastic look from this runway for me must be Look 28 worn by Suvi Koponen who wore a Sheath A-Line sleeved off the shoulder gown with a Peplum Hoop skirt built into the sides and a giant matching hoop skirt on the outside of the dress, this look was honestly so good to see because the trend for some of the dresses near the end used sheer see through tulle fabric in brighter colour with hoop skirts underneath them, but this look took the concept of Corsetry outside of the box by placing the hoop skirt on the outside of the dress displaying that as a feature that isn't necessarily hidden at first. This was one of the looks that used a brown Honey colour for the fabric choice which was replicated for the veil and the hoop skirt to set the rest of the looks apart that did not have custom colour painted veils to match their outfits but also the use of the hoop skirt on the outside of the dress was a smart idea to me as it represents the lengths that women typically went in the late 1700s to adjust to the standards of fashion but showing it as an Avant Garde piece of fashion that is not typically shown on the outside rather than the inside, the peplum corsetry matching with the custom veil and the hoop skirt all highlight the general idea of how women were perceived in the time period represented here whilst also staying true to the Spring bee colour scheme of a rich honey mustard colour matching every accessory and detail on the model to really drive the message and concept home.

To top off this runway and end with a bang I think my highlight of this runway had to be Look 29 - 32 which were all sheer fabric ball gowns with Black hoop skirts on the insides of the dress decorated with flowers all across the skirt pieces that match the colour scheme of the dress, when I saw each of these four dress walk out onto the runway my mind was blown to another dimension with how amazing they were because they all looked so magnificently detailed and for me represented the definition of Haute Couture. These looks all were accessorised with the Signature Alexander McQueen Veils and chokers but also accentuates the hexagonal shapes in the corsetry over the bustier area of each dress in the brown Honey coloured fabric used consistently through each look harkening back to the original theme and concept, these were excellent looks to finish off the runway with because all of the colour choices in each of the four looks represented connotations of different emotions when looking at them but also their dramatic silhouettes with the smallest intricate details were definitely pieces that grabbed everyone’s attention and that they really helped pushed the message of the entire runway which people will remember with these looks.

This runway as a whole was probably one of my favourite fashion events that I’ve ever seen because all the creative juices produced by the fashion designers during the preperation of these looks were displayed very vividly on this runway and it showed me that one word or slogan can have many various meanings behind it, the overall inspiration for this runway was Honey Bees and how that reflected on women’s fashion and it was clear that with each look is inspiration from multiple references put into one high fashion look.

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