When I was 14, I remember my brother talking to me about a street artist he really liked, their name was Bordalo II. He is a Portuguese ecologist artist who is well known for making big animal in many cities out of rubbish, to criticise the consumerist society that we live in. As he said in an interview “It’s part of the concept of my work, and my work in general, to use found trash from the streets, the fruits of excessive consumerism/capitalism”. I’ve had the pleasure to see three of his” trash animals” in person, the racoon situated in Lisbon, the red squirrel in Dublin and the bear in Torino. I never searched for them, but when walking around these beautiful cities it’s pretty easy to spot them. The red squirrel is really near Dublin’s centre, it wasn’t the first artwork I've seen by this famous and talented artist, so I was able to recognise his touch immediately, after all this isn’t something you see every day. The nearest you go to the sculpture the more you can see how many pieces of trash are composing it, going from a gorgeous animal to waste of society.

His art is powerful and meant to be taken as a criticism of this world, but also as how we can turn this into something beautiful. This street artist made numerous works around the world, many of which, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to see, however I feel extremely lucky to have seen three. One of his works, “the rat”, is situated in London, made from trash that was collected from the streets of east London, including a sofa, bike helmets, various type of plastic and car bumpers.

The “Big Racoon” is situated in Belem, the southern part of Lisbon, hometown to this magnificent street artist, this enormous sculpture is mostly made out of car’s parts, like its big eyes made with tires.

Bordalo II art is extremely inspiring to me, even if we don’t work with the same mediums and we practice different type of art, his message is extremely important to our world and I believe that everyone should see one of his work in their life. His activism through art is something that I would like to recreate with my own.

Lavinia Osso.

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