City Of God Review

I watched this film at my house I watched a Brazilian film called Cidade de Deus which in English means city of god it was released In 2003. I watched this during lockdown when I had a lot of time on my hands and not a lot to do other than to watch films.

The story caught me off guard on how detailed it was there was so many layers to it and that you weren’t just following one story of one character, you followed the stories of other characters that gets you to the point of the main characters story that the film revolves around . it’s not your average gangster film, but it also shows you what goes on in the favellas which people from other parts of the world don’t get an insight to.

One of things that I liked a lot about City of God was the cinematography and how it almost felt a bit like a documentary but it wasn’t completely that it felt real the way its filmed also feels like it hasn’t aged ether still feels modern, also the editing within this film was on point as well s the sound editing it makes the film that bit better as well as having such a great story that is so unique to audience that’s not from brazil. Another thing they did really well was that there was so many characters and sometimes not every character is very strong or interesting as each other but in city of god every character is interesting not only that their story is what creates the overall story as a whole and important. The film is based off a true story and sticking to the truth would have been a big factor in the film. There’s nothing I didn’t like about the film thought it was excellent.

That this film is about people and the type of environment the favellas are like for many people that live there. I will take away how good the editing and sound editing is. More important the film is about real people and plot in the film that is a normal occurrence in the favelas and shows you how tuff that place would be and to survive in.

The film hasn’t aged almost everything that the film covers is still relevant today in the favelas. All the actors within the film where all from the favellas with little acting experience. This film really does open the door to that part of the world from a safe space.

The fact it done so well and so many people have seen it means people will keep getting a incite into life in the slums in brazil. The purpose of film was to shine a light on the favellas to see not even for the whole world, but some middle-class brazilin’s didn’t have much knowledge of what was happening there. what it shows is a waste of life.

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