Corpse Bride Review

The Corpse Bride by Tim burton came out in 2005 and made 118 million, it is a wonderful emotional yet fun story with meaning, I always have a heart-warming emotional experience and the visuals are so amazing. It is set in the 1800s and the characters almost look like puppets. One of the main characters victor voiced by Johnny Depp is set to marry Elizabeth who is voiced by Emily Watson but in the practice ceremony victor get scared and runs to the woods, Victor is trying to practice his vows to make them perfect and says his vows and acts out the wedding to a set of tree trunks where he eventually places the ring on a life like hand shape of a branch once he placed the ring on the hand shaped branch it comes alive and pulls him into a underworld where he is surprised to discover he has just married a corpse bride by accident who was killed by a lying man who was after her money, but to add to the intricate story line while victor is trapped in the underworld he is missing in the real world, and no one is there to marry Elizabeth but due to the time period she must be married and Emily’s (the corpse bride) murderer steps in to marry Elizabeth, this is some dramatic irony for the audience.

Victor then faces a long struggle trying to get out of the underworld until he decides he wants to give his life sway and actually marry Emily as he heard Victoria is marrying someone else, however at the end in the church how ever there is a sudden plot twist in the end and this is where in the movie I felt very emotional and you can really see how the characters are feeling Emily says “I had this taken from me once and I will not take it away from someone else’ and Elizabeth and Victor marry as was intended at the beginning of the movie. The movie ends in a beautiful scene of Emily turning into butterfly’s and flying into the moonlight to symbolize she has been set free from her torment throughout the movie I felt strong sympathy for Emily as all she wanted was love but was murdered this makes the movie so fantastic because you truly feel for the character.

The characters all look stunning and there are so many wonderful new characters in this movie that will keep your eyes glued on the screen. The voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter who voices Victoria and Emily Watson are packed with fantastic emotion and acting. It is full on very catchy songs and My favourites were "Remains of the Day" made me feel like dancing it was such a jazzy fun song with the voice of Danny Elfmen. And my other favourite was "Tears to Shed" it broke my heart. The story is very entertaining and it has so much heart in it and Gothic like background. I loved the dialog some of my favourite lines were "Why Go Up There When People Are Dying to Get Down Here" which is said by E lder Gutknecht who is an old wise skeleton and "Can A Heart Still Break Once It's Stopped Beating." But the most important thing is that this movie makes you feel less frightened about death. Death in this movie is a lot funnier than living and the dead are always having a good time and partying that you feel like dying is not so bad it could also be interpreted and the dead are more living than the actual living implying people on earth are not making the most of life. You should take anyone to see this movie if their paranoid about death it will soften their fears, Overall, I strongly encourage anyone to go see this movie. I hope Tim Burten wins the Oscar for best animated movie this year.

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