Dance Dash

I saw a live dance broad cast from Bexhill college theatre. The live broad cast showed a range of different students dancing to a range of different music. The stage was set up with a smoke machine behind and lighting as a back drop that looked really good, when there was a dramatic dance scene and they used red lighting and smoke that really made it feel dramatic. There was lots of different art forms including dance, music, and graphics and was something for everyone. I have seen an online professional dance performance before which was called cats which was professional dancers dressed up as cats that sung and danced but kind of acted without saying anything which made it hard to follow the story, however the Bexhill college performance was also like this as the story was expressed through dance and I found it hard to follow the story. I could see that the dancers had put in a lot of hard work and practice to get their dance routine pretty perfect and match with the lighting and music, which again was very similar to the cats performance. The online posters were very well done they showed clearly what it was about and what time and had very good graphics of which the colors went really well together, I couldn’t say what this online poster was compared to the cats one as I never saw it, but in my opinion the Dance Dash poster was good. I didn’t really find things that were unexpected about the performance as it was just a dance performance just like the cats performance good music, dancing, lighting but a confusing story. The overall thing I didn’t like about the performance was that I didn’t really understand the story they were telling me, however it was still a good performance just needs a bit of work how they express the story. The one thing I will take away with me is that even in a simple dance performance there is graphics which can include the lighting, posters, or even costumes which was unexpected and that a dance performance also includes different artforms which I didn’t know. But overall there is nothing specific from the performance I will take away with me and use, as there was only one part of graphics I would use and that was typography and the color scheme on the poster but I already new how typography and colors worked together.

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