I watched an online performance by Daughter. There weren’t many different art forms involved in daughters performance, mainly music which helped to impact the overall performance because the clear focus was on what the music was trying to communicate. The stage was dimly lit, in a way that the band were almost shadowed. This was done well in that it reflected the dark tone of their lyrics and enhanced the performance as whole. There was a slight bit of movement but not much because their songs are very powerful in talking about difficult subjects and so a lot of movement wouldn’t give the vocals as much power as it does when they are standing still. However, the little movement that there was helped to reflect the emotions that were being conveyed in the song.

Daughter’s live performance is a lot different to most music performances in that it felt a lot more stripped back. Most music performances have a lot of lighting and effects to make it more interesting. However, daughter’s performance was interesting because it was only them singing in a place that was dimly lit. The movement was minimal also which I found to be different. I think at times more movement in their upbeat songs should’ve been implemented to help convey a sense of enjoyment from the performers. The similar things that they did to other musicians is that they ordered their set in a similar way. They had upbeat songs interspersed with the slower songs, which helped to make sure that the music didn’t become repetitive and lose the audience’s attention.

Their transitions between each song, whilst they weren’t very confident, they felt authentic and conversational. This was good in a way that it didn’t feel robotic, rehearsed and as if they weren’t real people, which created a connection between the musicians and the audience. The way they used dynamics in their songs was effective because a lot of the music is very passionate about sad subjects and the dynamics really helped to create a sense of distress which had an impact on the audience.

I think lighting could’ve been implemented more in the performance because this would really impact the overall performance. Whilst the darkness and shadows suited their image and the tone of their lyrics, on the more upbeat songs they could’ve used dramatic lighting to convey emotion.

From this arts event, I learnt more about how to make a slow song more powerful and also, a different approach to performances. This performance was very unique which gave me more ideas for future performances on how I could do something different and suit the style of my music. It also helped to teach me about how to make songs more powerful. Their performances were very memorable because the message behind the song was the main focus and other features didn’t take away from that.