Experience of Arts Event ‘What you believe becomes reality’ Conference – The Future

Where to find this conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7T1Zs28Deo

Speaker: Chris Do

This particular conference touched upon the many different ways people can make successful and productive choices when improving their designs as well as why and how to do them yourself. Chris Do asks the question ‘Why do some people succeed while others fail?’ ‘What makes them so different?’

To answer his question he brings forward the psychological attribute of perception as well as mind set towards things you do. Relating to his question Chris talks about an experience he had concerning a coaching session with a self-taught designer that was the primary income source for her family. The designer states that she was unable to sell her website designs for more than $8000, she had hit her ‘glass ceiling’. Her reasoning behind why she believed she could not sell her designs for more than $8000 was because the clients she was in association with did not value design and were telling her they would not pay over her glass ceiling. Chris then mentions that he also coaches another designer working in the same area and market as the first designer however they are charging their designs between $20-$50 thousand dollars. The designs were more or less of the same quality, the amount of time it took to create them was not so different from the original designers and furthermore their marketing strategies were of the same quality too. So what was the difference? The original designer in her next job mustered up the courage to ask for more money. 6 months later the first designer told Chris that she had made more money within the 6 months that she had been working than she did the entire previous year. She was asked, ‘What was different’ ‘What has changed?’ and she responded ‘I don’t know what you mean, nothing has changed’. Something had changed, ‘Your belief in what is possible has changed’. I learned that when you believe in something as if it is factual, you are more likely to stop yourself from holding yourself back as you are not being influenced by what you believe in a negative way. Chris moves on to belief systems, it’s true that what you put into life is what you will get out of it however that process has a filter, the input is filtered through interpretation and then is viewed as an output. By this Chris means, your input and depending on how you look at things, will determine your output. To develop further on this, Chris implies that through the filter of interpretation, you have an infinite number of outputs. Outputs can be emotions for example, or reactions that will help you to determine your mind set and mental well-being. If you are able to control the way you perceive things you will be able to force an output that best suits you and through doing so, you are more likely to make productive decisions that will benefit you not only as a designer but in everyday life. I hope to use this knowledge as a guideline and a basis route that will help direct myself as I pursue graphic design.

Jack Phillips

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