Formafantasma: Cambio by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin

Andrea Trimarchi (1983) and Simone Farresin (1980) are Formafantasma, an Italian design duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This was an online exhibition called Formafantasma: Cambio and was made by two artist partners that are on a mission to create forms or art out of wood to demonstrate the impact that we humans are having on the trees. For example, on the virtual video they had taken some of their own footage or woodland being destroys where trees have been mowed down and left on the ground waiting to be collect eventually. Where they have cut the trees down you could see a comparison to the living trees that haven't been taken down to the hug husk logs/stumps that have been left behind. They believe cutting down trees isn't completely wrong as they know that we need to harvest these rescores due to the growing population and the demands for new buildings and other things, they just believe that they need to let the trees grow so that they can also help tackle the effects of climate change where the trees are absorbing the co2 and producing oxygen which we breath. Some of the art was media based where they placed a green screen inside the woods and other backgrounds playing shot clips of plants moving/growing and tools made of wood being made and shot clips of different animals (frogs, bugs, shrimp and more). One of their first pieces was of a log that had been cut into planks and had all been separated so you could see the rings of the wood and the process that happens once the trees have been cut down. The art that the two-artist made was a mixture of sculptures, documentary photo and short clips.

This is the first time that I have ever seen work done like this to show the effect of humans on the climate and on nature. The way that they used green screens to show the main attractions like the animals/wildlife and the growing plants in bioluminescent colours with the soil and trees as the background was a first an very affective I think because comparisons between the two and how it showed the beauty of nature in both.

It was quite surprising to see how much of a real affect that we have on nature and how destructive we can be from the short clip of they took of the timber that has been cut and not extracted and I think the single car that is driving through on the road adds effect that it’s a normal thing and makes you think about how these tress help absorb the emission that come out of the car but the tree can no longer do the good purpose and take the co2 and turn it into good oxygen.

I liked how they spoke about how the trees are being cut down too soon and are not being allowed to live long enough to give us any benefits to help tackle the climate change issue and that it is a helpful material that we need to survive we have to remember not to abuse it and that we need to replace the trees that we take and let them grow.

The ideas that this type have work has given me is that it should try doing a documentary shoot around my local area to show what types of effects we are having to our natural places like nearby forest and the beaches/oceans and tray using that green screen style where a video was playing in the centre of a still image.

The way I can share this by sharing the links to the website and videos also they have their own social media page on Instagram where they have done live streams talking about the work with other artist and doing Q&As.

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