Howl’s moving castle

Howl’s moving castle is an animated movie that came out in 2004 and was produced by the famous company that is Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the story was taken from a book which share the same name as the movie written by Diana Wynne Jones. The story is about a girl, named Sophie, who gets cursed by the witch of the waste, a famous sorceress fallen in disgrace after making a pact with a demon. The witch of the waste tells Sophie, who because of the curse became an old lady, to bring a message to Howl, a previously introduced Wizard who is said to steal women’s hearts. When Sophie does get to Howl’s “castle” she finds out that he too, just like the witch of the waste, made a pact with a demon, a fire demon who gets to introduce himself as Calcifier. Sophie manages to stay in Howl’s castle as a housekeeper, and we see her various interactions with howl, and when they talk the recurrent theme of a war going on is always there. After Howl throws a tantrum because of his hair colour, we see Sophie comforting him, this is where Howl talks about how he must participate in the war because he’s a wizard, but in the moment the now black-haired Howl asks Sophie to act as his mother and go see the head sorceress and convince her that he is not courageous enough to be useful in the war. Sophie accepts and on her way to the king’s castle she meets the witch of the waste, who is going to the castle too, and a dog who later we find out is the dog of the head sorceress. While speaking with the head sorceress, whose name is Suliman, Sophie gets angry at her for having taken the powers from the witch of the waste and in this moment a howl disguised as the kings arrives. After a “fight” with Suliman the wizard asks Sophie to go back to his castle, she does and brings the witch of the waste, who now was just an old lady, and the dog with her. After some other commotions the war arrives in Sophie’s town, and Howl goes out to protect his new family. Sophie however doesn’t want to leave Howl alone and decides to go find him. She manages to and gives him back his heart, that, for the whole time was just Calcifier. Howl wakes up and we see Suliman deciding to put an end to the war. Like this we have a sort of Happy ending. I really enjoyed this movie, and I have to say I watched it many times, it’s a sweet story and the animation is amazing, I would recommend everyone to watch it at least once!

The first time I watched it, I was still a kid, it was my favourite movie when I was younger, I used to practice drawing Howl and Sophie all the time, so you could say that it was my inspiration for start drawing. To this day I still find Ghibli iconic art style to be of inspiration to me, the amount of detail and harmony in their movies in not something to take for granted. Many anime studios nowadays prefer using CGI, basically 3D modelling, since it’s faster and less pricey. But Studio Ghibli movies are all animated by hand, and this is what makes them special. They always inspired my art with they’re magnificent movies, and I think they will continue to do so, I just really love their movies and find them to be extremely well made and interesting! I would completely recommend Howl’s moving castle to everyone, it doesn't matter the age, they are beautiful movie and deserve to be watched in my opinion!

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