La Haine Review

Recently I watched a French film called La Haine, it’s a French film that was made in 1995. Although its French and not speaking any French at all I still found the film extremely interesting, it kept me focused on the film by the wide ranges of angels and shots they used and use of subtitles. When I watched this it was during lockdown when I had a lot of time on my hands.

The film is about 3 boys that live in the pairs suburb’s after riots and violence occurs after a young Arab was arrested and beaten and killed by the police, the story follows them round their home ground after the after math of the violence and the riots, with one of the characters finding a policeman’s weapon.

The film hits you with a twist at the end when you least expect it. The ending of the film is what gives the film meaning hatred breeds hatred la haine in English is translated to hate. It does a full circlue the words that are said through out come into action at the end.

3/3 I really like this film for many different reasons I think the story is so good and the messages that are being addresses within the film are still relevant today. Some of the cinematography in this film is brilliant the mirror scene when vinz is imitating a scene from taxi driver and a dolly zoom on the roof top. there’s nothing I didn’t like about it, I liked the clothes the story kept me interested the whole time I wouldn’t be able to say something I disliked about the film.

What the film helped me to learn is that even though the film was made 25 years ago it still is very relevant today for the same reasons that where being addressed in the film similar things have happen within the last few years like the person that made the cartoon with prophet Mohammed that was beaten and killed, the same message that was used in the film is still happening today violence (hate breeds hate).

That France was heavily influenced by New York and America referencing a film from America that was set in new York taxi driver and the fashion as well was clearly influenced by America and is spread all across the globe its referenced in the film where one of the character s says its is this like something they would have in America shows the influence they had then and they still do today with the 80s and 90s fashion coming back. Lots of people in Germany have been influenced by la haine fashion.

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