Midsomer movie review

Midsomer written and directed but ari aster has proved to be one of the most sinister and conflicting horror of 2019 making 47.86 million dollars and fans are debating if its ones of the year’s best or the years worst. Midsomer’s story fluctuates highlighting a number of mental health issues it explores through events in the plot including Chronic depression, trauma, emotional dependency and abusiveness. This is very different to most horror movies because it all takes place out in the light instead of being in the dark it takes place in Sweden where the main character dani played by Florence Pugh takes her boyfriend and friends to a rural town for its famous midsummer festival, this is meant to be a relaxing trip away as her parents and sister have just died but the festival turns out to be a sinister experience But in truth, the events in most of the film are fairly easy to follow; it’s in the ending where things really become brought into light and can leave you with a jaw dropping experience. However, depending on your view of things and how much attention to detail you pay to the movie throughout depends on your outlook and opinion at the end. The main things I noticed about this movie is that it was all in the light and very calmly constructed so instead of usual horror movies for example insidious it starts with a family moving into a new house and there’s more supernatural or serial killer side of things where as this movies is all about manipulation and slow planned creative death for danis friends how they prey on each person’s weakness and slowly remove them from the group while all still acting completely friendly.

While they are at the haga festival in Sweden there a lot of hallucinogens in peoples tea which is shown in the surrounding area as the trees move in distorted manners these drugs play a big part in the movie as it creates the sense of chaos and the characters frantically try to make sense of their surroundings and danis dead mothers face also appears in the bushes due to her hallucinations Florence Pugh (dani) who is playing a grieving character a graduate student aiming to put some distance between herself and an extreme case of trauma involving her bipolar sister who also killed her parents ends up being the only one of the group alive at the end, after watching her boyfriend burn alive for the festival at the very end of the movie it shows dani standing there smiling, this is supposed to visually show how one the at-times violent removal one must do with someone in order to find peace with them self. this then links in with a lot of psychological issues that are adrrese4d in this movie specifically with attachment styles and deeper with empathy because dani is looking for someone how she can feel the pain and lose with. this shows with the people at the festival because they all “feel” each other’s pain and as dani has her panic attacks they scream and breath with her also representing how she is in such a traumatised state and amount of trauma she is going through, but christen only cares about writing his paper on the haga festival it is an interesting contrast because everything in the movie is out in the open and in the light but with dani and her boyfriend Christian played jack Raynor what should be said between them is kept in the dark which ultimately leads to their fall apart and christens death.

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