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Missed Call explores my relationship between a mother and a son and how the mother has contact the boy’s father because the son has requested to make contact with him. Shot on an iPhone X the documentary explores the many ways in which our lives are affected and archived from the phones we hold so close. This short film documents the whole processes that the boy and the mother went through and how it affected them both. At the start of the short story it shows the message the father had left when he left and throughout this whole film the mother shows herself composing messages to send to him but deletes them before she does, but by the end it shows a message that the boy finally met his father and have planned to meet again.

This short film became something bigger then the mother thought and won:

Winner of the 2019 BAFTA – Best Short Form Film Category 2019 Winner of The Social Media Short Award at the 2018 AHRC Research in Film Award Winner of The Best UK Short award at The Super Shorts London Film festival Nominated for The Best UK Short Award at Open City Documentary Festival

Because of all the awards they won they was invited onto ITV new by Charlene White, and Missed Call was also featured in The Conversation, The Sunday Times and Broadcast magazine.

I think that the idea of this short movie being shot on just a phone is very impressive and how that phones are so available and how useful they are in everyday life, how they can just be taken out of the pocket to capture something in that moment and how a phone can be just as good as a dslr camera or a proper film camera. This short film shows how powerful cameras have developed over the years and that they are so assessable for everyone to use every day and that they can be just as good quality as a dslr camera.

I like the way that some of the texts are written out on the screen so you can see them but use the background of areas that her son has grown up in. when she writes out some of the text she wants to send it shows her deleting them because it’s so hard for her to do this and how this whole short film is what the document is partly about, how this is one of the biggest challenges that the son and mother have done together.

I think this film could have been better if it showed the meeting of the son and the father meeting to bring the audience closer to the boy and mother by showing how the meeting of the man affected their relationship and how the boy felt while he was talking to the man that left all those years ago, or like a short video part of an interview of the son thoughts like what his mother did when she was on the call to the man and how she stared to cry once the call ended because it was so hard for her to do.

I would differently recommend this to others to spread the awareness of this video and how someone’s friend or family member could be experiencing something like this.

I the thing I might try to use in my work is maybe make short video or time laps of the setup prosses of what I did to make the images and it will document the prosses of what I did to happens behind the shot that I am making e.g. Lighting that I might use or maybe take a time laps of the worker cutting the hear starting with a before picture then the time laps of what they do and how I set up the camera in the right areas to get the best view and then ending with a final outcome of the cut. I got this Like idea from the movie when they was using little videos and time lapses of them going through there every day life while waiting for the reply from his father e.g. When the mother was on the train or the shot clips of him growing up from when he was young to now.

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