Music Night

I watched a broadcast of a music night located in Bexhill college theatre. I watched a performance of a group of students performing a few songs. The performance was very good they had worked hard putting the songs together as well as some lighting in the background. The band was ok and liked when they used the smoke machine which made it atmospheric, however I wished the keyboard volume was higher so I could here what was being played, I also wished they had practiced a bit longer because one the singers wasn’t singing loud enough in one of the parts so could not here them. I also noticed that the lighting pretty much stayed the same and when it occasionally flashed it wasn’t in sync with the music. During the performance I saw two art forms, music and graphics. There wasn’t really a lot of graphics I could spot in the performance only the colored lighting which made it feel a bit atmospheric. I have never been to a proper music festival before so can’t really compare it with anything but have seen music concerts advertised with pop style typography and vibrant colors, however the Bexhill college music night lacked this there was no online posters advertised just a few words of when it would be and a bad quality picture of the performers which was really disappointing and found it hard to find any graphics in the performance. I didn’t find anything unexpected in the performance just that there was no online poster which again was very disappointing. The only thing that was good about the performance is probably the music to a certain extent, as the musicians were pretty good just lacked a bit more practice. The things I didn’t like is the overall organization of the performance with hardly any lighting, no posters and lack of quality in music. As there was little graphics in the music night, I couldn’t say I have really learn ’t anything or take away thoughts or ideas from the music night, all I can really say is that if you truly want something to work you need to put the time, effort and practice into the thing you are doing.

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