Music Night Review

In 2020 I watched an online music performance of Bexhill college students. The event started out with an upbeat song through which lighting was used to draw a focus on the performers and create an atmosphere. The movement used within the first song by the lead singer showed how the performer was enjoying the music and enhanced the overall energy. This was well-used because the audience are more likely to engage in the performance when the performers are engaging themselves. The use of movement helped to convey the meaning behind the song. The main singer showed her enjoyment of the song through her facial expressions. She was often smiling and looked excited to be performing. This draws the focus of the audience to the main singer.

There was a lack of energy from the other performers. They demonstrated a sense of confidence, but they barely moved throughout the first song. This took away from the energy and excitement conveyed in the music, which disengages the audience slightly. Some of the harmonies sounded slightly off, despite this being a good way of using dynamics. They could’ve changed the dynamics more to build to a close.

The smoke was used as a dramatic effect throughout the performance and the lighting changed at the end of the songs. The transitions were clearly rehearsed but felt natural.

I liked how the movement was used in the performance. It had been well thought-out depending on the song. When the songs were slower, the lead singer would stand still which forces the audience to focus on the meaning behind the words rather than the overall performance. It made these songs powerful. The use of different songs ranging from upbeat to slow, also helped to engage the audience because it wasn’t all the same and the audience aren’t sure what to expect next. The lighting also wasn’t over-used. It was appropriate in the performances and during the transitions. It helped to enhance the performance. The timing was accurate and showed that the performance had been rehearsed.

Some of the harmonies could’ve been improved, along with the movement from the other performers. Whilst there was a confidence in the way they played their instruments, they didn’t appear to be as engaged with the overall song as the lead singer. This meant they almost faded into the background because they didn’t demonstrate a sense of enjoyment. The dynamics in some of the songs could’ve been implemented more. However, in others they were used appropriately.

The overall performance was well thought-out and showed a range of different songs which helped to maintain the overall energy and make it more interesting. It helped to show of the range of skills each performer had also.

I’ve seen events similar to these before which have used similar techniques within their performances. This shows their event was well-thought out and clearly planned.

From this art event I have learned ways in which I could use movement in order to enhance my overall performance and how I can implement different techniques to make my own performances more interesting and well-developed.

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