Online Graphic Design Exhibition at Salford College

I watched a video of a graphic design exhibition that was situated in Salford College on February the 18th 2021. The video at the beginning showed the students setting up the exhibition in order to show case their work. Which wasn’t necessary but showed how hard they worked putting the exhibit together. The video then carried on, show casing some of the students work, the pieces were all very different and unique and had different styles and really showed what you could do with graphic design which I really liked, as the pieces didn’t all look the same. Some students had really intricate pieces with immense attention to detail and others simple however yet effective. One student called Elliot Ratcliffe, show cased a piece of packaging that held a can of soup, he used the colour scheme of black, white and the colour of the carboard that held the can of soup. The packaging looked very professionally done as if it was a real product. The exhibition covered all graphics art forms which meant there was lots of different types of graphics from painting to typography. I have been to a related graphics design expedition which again show cased students work but as a product and less like a piece of art work, the expedition was very well planned out just like the previous graphics related expedition I had gone to, however the online graphics expedition didn’t have people explaining about the art work which sometimes made it difficult to understand what the piece of art work was. There was nothing really unexpected as it was just a normal average graphics exhibition showcasing students work. I wouldn’t really say there was nothing bad about the expedition just that it was pretty normal to other expeditions I have been to and lacked explanation to some of the work. However I have learnt from this expedition that graphics does not have to be complicated or to simple, you can do graphics in your own way, graphics is what you make it. There is no specific idea or thing I would take away with me as the expedition was quite broad in ideas, I would only take away the thought that graphics is what you make it and how related it is to your chosen piece of work

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