Passenger – Live at the house of blues

Overall the performance was great. The lighting was perfect for each section, the warm lights that faded in at the start of every song and the purple, blue, red and occasionally orange lights that beamed down onto the stage behind Passenger as the accompanying white light made him shine. Just the lighting getting brighter at some of the choruses made me want to sing along to my heart’s content.

Passenger is a talented man who can sing, write and play guitar. Seeing him perform was something else. People love his songs and it’s hard to not know why, every single one of his songs has a meaning and each lyric has its own story, and letting it all out on stage is obviously going to be a fun and exciting experience like no other. The performance was good enough that the audience joined in, it was like everyone was a peaceful, happy family. When an audience gets involved with the performance, it is always heart-warming as it proves that the music from the performer is reaching them, which is what a performer is always trying to do.

The performance started off with Somebody’s Love, the song started before Passenger got on the stage and the opening continued without vocals for some time until Passenger stood up to the mic and silenced the crowd.