Passenger – Live at the house of blues

Overall the performance was great. The lighting was perfect for each section, the warm lights that faded in at the start of every song and the purple, blue, red and occasionally orange lights that beamed down onto the stage behind Passenger as the accompanying white light made him shine. Just the lighting getting brighter at some of the choruses made me want to sing along to my heart’s content.

Passenger is a talented man who can sing, write and play guitar. Seeing him perform was something else. People love his songs and it’s hard to not know why, every single one of his songs has a meaning and each lyric has its own story, and letting it all out on stage is obviously going to be a fun and exciting experience like no other. The performance was good enough that the audience joined in, it was like everyone was a peaceful, happy family. When an audience gets involved with the performance, it is always heart-warming as it proves that the music from the performer is reaching them, which is what a performer is always trying to do.

The performance started off with Somebody’s Love, the song started before Passenger got on the stage and the opening continued without vocals for some time until Passenger stood up to the mic and silenced the crowd. At the time, Somebody’s Love was a new song and making it the first performance gives hope to the fans that Passenger will play his iconic songs from the past. Every-now-and-then, Passenger will call out to the audience to cheer so that they could feel involved and so they can enjoy the experience as one, this shows the love that both Passenger and his fans have for each other.

As Passenger finishes performing Somebody’s Love, he thanks the audience as they cheer for him. Next he plays a song for the fans who have been coming to his performances for a while, that song was Life’s for the Living and he tells the audience to sing it and as loud as they could. Even though nobody sung with him, his voice echoed throughout the room, touching the hearts of many. Later he tells the fans to not be shy and sing with him, and some start to sing with him as the main chorus starts. At each chorus, the lights get brighter as the music gets louder. As the chorus comes to an end and the song starts to pick up its pace, he sings with his fans, looking like he’s having the time of his life.

Each time he asks the fans to do anything, they do it as quickly as they can just for him. This performance really shows the love Passenger has for his fans, and the love his fans has for Passenger. Time goes on and the fans start to get more interested in the performance as Passenger pours his heart out with each song.

As soon as Passengers most well-known song, and a fan favourite, Let Her Go starts to play, the crowd goes wild and the fans sing every lyric. Passenger compliments the fans singing calling it ‘beautiful’, and it truly was beautiful. After playing Let Her Go, the fans finally give in to the music and loose themselves in the performance. Passenger then ends the once in a life time performance with his song known as Home, I know that he performed this song last to tell the fans the final message that he is at home when he is with them. This performance was really something else and it is never a disappointment to see Passenger perform.

Passenger is one of the very few people that actually make me want to perform. I absolutely hate being up on stage, I don’t have severe stage fright but I panic and sweat a lot in front of a huge crowd, but watching Passenger really makes me want to get up on stage and makes me feel like I can do it. Passenger will always hold a special place in my heart and with every performance, I seem to fall in love with his music more than I already did, even when I didn’t think there was enough space for it.

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