Product Design Exhibition Review

I watched a product design exhibition, hosted by Coventry university students. The video started off with a student talking about what product he had made and a table behind him show casing the design and the prototype itself. His project was about creating a helmet that would reduce the risk of concussion in a accident while wearing it, the protype itself looked very convincing as if it was an actual product, as the product was built using materials such as plastic and metal. The graphics also on the helmet also made the prototype look like it was an actual product. The exhibition included artforms such as graphics and a building sort of aspect. I have never been to a product design exhibition before, however I did expect it to show case products that students had created and for them to explain how they work and how they would be useful. The products that students had created were amazing as it was useful and very clever how they had designed it to solve a particular problem. I also liked the way they had used the graphics on the products to advertise their design and how the colors really worked well with their product. I thought overall the exhibition was very good well thought out and well planned, where on each table it show cased the students product and there designs, sketches and blueprints which helped to show what the design was, how it worked and what materials it was made out of. Also on each table there was the student who created the prototype explaining about it which really helped me to understand what it was all about. I also loved the graphics on all the products it look neat and professional and modern and worked with the design and helped to boost the products look and appeal. Even though I didn’t go and see the expedition in person I really enjoyed the experience. There was nothing I didn’t like about the event as it was well thought out for its purpose. I haven’t learnt anything from this event as I had expected a product design expedition would be like this, set up tables that show cased students designs and prototypes, and students explaining about there chosen product. One thing I will take away with me is that certain graphics and colors go with certain products and that the graphics really help to boost a products look and appeal.

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