Review of Arts Event – Bexhill College Peter Pan

During my experience at Bexhill College, I was accustomed to an arts event presented by a second-year group of students that reflected the story of peter pan. I noticed instantly that the group was well prepared, with a lighting crew above me and no hesitation towards confidently presenting themselves in front of an audience.

This was done through a confident and projecting voice that was in direct proportion to the powerful lights setting the scene, overall making a strong impact on the audience and conveying itself to me as a professional performance. As fitting as the voice was, there were also added elements that brought the play to life, for example there were many costumes and props that brought the characters to life, secluding the idea that this was a play and directly focusing on the story itself with the characters as the main focus. Alongside these effects, I can note that in a metaphorical sense, to create an impactful design within graphics, a well prepared plan will certainly help to achieve that as well as remaining prepared with the correct tools necessary for presenting and setting the mood for my work. Thus, I can note that evidently arts events share common factors to graphic design principles that contribute towards creating an effective form of art in a professional way. In my opinion, the arts event could have had an improvement in audio quality and soundtrack. The speakers used were audibly very powerful with a large capability range so I was surprised when I noticed that the audio had not been manipulated to suit the audience’s experience, this was evident through the low quality sound effects being used and presented at a high, slightly unsettling volume. Aside from this, the soundtrack was good. The play being quite an old one meant that finding a recognisable audio source from around 17 years ago was going to be a difficult task and for what they had been given, the soundtrack was impressive. I would have preferred that the overall audio of the performance was toned down a few notches though as this would have helped to support the audience’s viewing experience and by enhancing the focus more towards the actor’s voices rather than the environments natural sounds. Relaying this back towards graphics, I can infer that it may not be effective to include things that make the audience have to put in effort in order to enjoy or understand an art piece, for example using a complex bright canvas contrasted by vivid primary colours may not be as easy to look at as a canvas with dark tones and minimally contrasted shades of black and grey. In conclusion, I have learned from this arts event that it is important to be prepared and to present your work in a way that makes the audience feel comfortable and welcome when viewing it, as it will help the audience to view your work as something they can enjoy and trust therefore supporting the idea that within design, a comfortable advertisement is an effective one.

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