Review of arts event | Tate Modern

During the summer holiday of 2018 I visited the Tate Modern to gain inspiration and experience from other people’s artwork to gain a better understanding on how I could improve my work as graphic designer.

The arts event took place within the Tate Modern as I was taken around by a guide to various different rooms and educated on various different elements of design that were stored in the building. Many of these artworks were international, however they didn’t look that way at first, I found it hard to tell the difference between graphic pieces and modern designs that were international when there was no inclusion of cultural attributes. I took that misunderstanding as a lesson that in order to appeal to a large range of people outside your given area and even internationally, your work should not be too focused on a culture in which you live in to a certain extent as it may hinder your ability to appeal to people unfamiliar with that culture, however this does not apply to those who are trying to directly focus on their culture within design. Alongside this, I have learned that many artists that have had their work published internationally have connections with other artists with the same goals, even if their work is completely different. My guide informed me that having a connection with other people in a similar work environment to you or in a similar lifestyle will help you publish work to more people as they are very likely to support you and your work in the work ethic that they would expect you to do the same for them in the future. Understandably, the logic that the more people you know, the more likely you are to have someone assist you makes sense, yet the idea that having a strong connection with a few people in a similar position to you being of greater assistance is not a stretch to say the least as evidently people are able to have a higher level of publicity as well as public appeal when their work is shared by another talented individual that may have a different audience. I learned that this could apply to me, and hope to use this information to grow as a designer in the future. The Tate was professional to say the least, the exhibitions were kept so clean that the work looked new and the artworks were assigned to their own rooms on their own assigned floors, categorically too. The organization of the exhibitions made viewing the gallery hard to get bored as I was unable to predict what kind of artwork was going to be in the next room and got to experience a new idea every few minutes. Taking this into account, I have learned that presenting not only the elements within my work, but the work itself in a neat and unique fashion is also important as the audience will want to be welcomed and intrigued by my work If I want it to be successful therefore giving me a higher chance of creating sales for my clients, or spreading a message. In conclusion I can infer that the Tate Modern is an effective art gallery that presents its work in a professional and entertaining way whilst maintaining a wide variety of artworks from all across the globe, furthermore the elements of design that are presented in the gallery as well as the stories behind their growth in popularity are also important factors that will help guide me to becoming a successful designer in the future.

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