Review of Pain and Glory

This my review for pain and glory, this is part of my sliver arts award unit 1, pain and glory is directed by Pedro Almodovar and stars Antonio Banderas, this film is a drama that focuses on Salvador Mallo a film director with pain and glory in his life, he is reflecting on past events and we see his life unfolding before for us, we see his past and his present, the film is very personal from Pedro Almodóvar and you can tell he is using Salvador to project himself and his past, this is very effective and makes its emotional moments work even better, I saw this film at Brighton Odeon by myself on the 28/08/19, now I will begin my full review for pain and glory.

The first thing about pain and glory and many of Pedro Almodóvar's films that immediately catches the audience’s attention is the beautiful use of colour in all of his films, making the films even more enjoyable just to look at and admire the craft and effort that has gone into the shots.

Antino Banderas puts everything into his role and really takes on the task of making this personal film, his performance works extremely well and defiantly changed my opinion on him as an actor because of how incredible he is in this film, it's still the one of his best roles and performances that I have seen him take on, another performance worth mention is Penelope Cruz who in this film is utterly fantastic as Salvador's mother in the past, these are two of the best performances but every performance in the film stands out and the film is worth watching for this aspect alone.

The film is also great for its positive gay representation in cinema, Pedro Almodóvar has always pushed films that have good representations that are not always shown on screen from his early films this is evident and another very good aspect of the film.

Another part of the film worth mentioning is how well shot and bold the cinematography is, this really helps the film push its important themes of memories, childhood, regret, happiness and pain.

Pedro Almodóvar uses his real-life emotions and his own life experiences in the film, this gives it this real and honest aspect, making the film so personal really helps the audience to connect and care about the story being told but also this and the Brillant score just makes the whole film more emotionally powerful, I think these aspects really helps this film to be one of my favorite films of all time.

Pedro Almodóvar comes through on the screen but also his passion for film and filmmaking really comes through in pain and glory, by using Salvador who is a filmmaker to show his passions and life experiences, the film comes together as an utterly unforgettable and beautiful drama.

This is why pain and glory has my highest score possible of 10 out of 10, if you are into Spanish cinema or just cinema in general this film is worth at least one watch.

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