Review Of PH museum’s “Inside” exhibition.

Something immediately intriguing about this exhibition is that it’s the first to display art during a global pandemic that is specifically digital photography. Compiling these works from all around the world is magical to see, the unity of photography and thousands of different people's perspectives on it. “These images represent a tangible document of the first wave of the pandemic and a source of inspiration to stimulate a constructive debate around the urgent answers we need to provide in the decade that just started.

Before greeted by any artwork, I appreciate how monumental the exhibition is and the emphasis of this pandemic, how “the world stopped country by country”. I have reviewed exhibitions that have had to make major virtual-based leaps but none that curate work especially created because of this pandemic and as a photographer, I am intrigued to see more.

Having read many photobooks and formulated my own photography into a portfolio that is visually pleasing, I have come to of found layout and storytelling through photo presentation quite interesting. The mode of address, how the content speaks to the viewer. And even when compiling thousands of different artists and styles, there will always be different results from how this is done.

After scrolling for five minutes, I’ve come to see that PHmuseuem’s subgenre of chosen work is typically, lifestyle journalism, straight photography and arguably, surrealism, this makes sense judging by the fact we’re in a global pandemic. Going back to that, after each large block of photos and credits, the viewer is given some hard-hitting statistics to give context and accompany the visuals of these people's lives. “In April 2021, worldwide researchers were testing 86 vaccines in clinical trials on humans, 23 of those have reached the final stages of testing, 8 being approved for human usage.”

This also makes the exhibition perfect for people to look back on, this is the first time in history for so many events because of the pandemic, and I think it’ll be one of the most historic. Which is why we need the photographic documentation now more than ever.

Something I would’ve liked to of seen is more in-depth information about each artist, yes gathering this much content and curating is a large-scale procedure but even if a simple question was asked, for example. ‘What word best describes your experience behind this pandemic’ something that could easily be fitted into the submitting process of the photos.

I’ve learnt the importance of documentation in a time like this, making history. And would like to see something like this in a book form.

I’d highly recommend substituting to be a part of curated art during the pandemic, I’ve seen many young artists have major as a result of creating during this time, a short film, a photo series, music. This really is a time when people need the consumption of art, the reciprocation benefits all, you get exposure as an artist while providing a service.

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