Review of Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider man far from home is a marvel, superhero film and the sequel to the disappointing spider man homecoming, it stars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal as spider man and mysterio, it’s a familiar but fun action film that is getting a third film and did fairly well at the box office like most marvel films do, now I will start the review.

First off, I will mention how the jokes immediately fall flat, however throughout the film some work, a lot don't, but the film still manages with its feel good and fun tone to entertain, this film like the one before it brings little new to the table, so it’s just another marvel blockbuster, it's fun and lighthearted so it works more than most.

Tom Holland gives a fairly standard performance as spider man and his performance is a step up from the previous film, so at least its slightly better, however Tobey Maguire still did the best job in his role as spider man though, Jake Gyllenhaal gives a fantastic performance as mysterio, he suits the role and steals the show in his important character scenes.

Another performance I really liked in the film was Jon Favreau as one of the main side characters called Happy Hogan, he is funny and gives it is all In this film maybe it's because I also like him as a director [ for the most part], he just seems like a nice guy that can deliver funny lines and help spider man out in the film and that is all he really needs to do but it really works in the films Favour.

Now I getting to one of the more negative aspects of the film, the Love interest in part of the storyline is boring, overused, and unnecessary, MJ played by Zendaya is such an irritating and annoying character with what Zendaya does in the role, it is just an awful performance, this was aspect that makes the film worse, I do not get the focus in the film on this relationship, people do not go to see spider man for a rom com, they go and see it for the action.

Story wise going on a trip is an overused trope, it works well in the film but it still is not as inventive or interesting as it should be, this goes for all the storytelling really, it’s just serviceable, I am going to counter that with a character that is well written and that’s mysterio, he is a fantastic and intriguing villain that I still think they should have had more fun with, even if what we get is good especially the illusion scene, which is the best scene in the film, it's the most impactful and clever aspect of the film, it really shows how much more they could have changed and developed his character in inventive ways but instead the film plays its too safe.

Now for my final rating when I first came out of the film, I thought it was a 7/10 but after more consideration and thought, the film for me is more of a 6/10 so that is my final rating, it is a serviceable film that is surprisingly fun in parts even if it leaves a lot to be desired.

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