Review of The Joker

Joker is a film from 2019 directed and produced by Todd Philips, it was the sixth highest grossing film in 2019, and the most successful R rated film ever in the united states, earning lots of profit [$900 million], for a big Hollywood film on a smaller budget ($55 million), Joaquin phoenix is the main lead of the film, playing the joker won him best actor at the Oscars, with the best original score also winning for the joker and many other nominations, it became one of the biggest films of 2019 and one film which many people could not stop talking about, so much so even the steps from the film became a tourist attraction.

The first thing I noticed when I watched the film was the change in aesthetic from other dc films, its purposely old looking style is present during the opening old warner brother's logo, which is a nice touch, the cinematography also works in its Favour, all of this and the setting that turns Gotham into New York, really makes the film standout from the typical dc or batman universe film.

Joaquin Phoenix performance really is Oscar worthy and defiantly one of the best performances I have seen him give, you can tell he puts everything into the film including his big weight loss for the role. The score also helps the film establish its dark themes and fits the film just as perfectly, the makeup and costume design also help the performances, portrayal of story and characters, making these aspects all the highest quality.

Now to my biggest problem with the film this is that it takes slightly too much inspiration from the king of comedy and taxi driver, the joker also had Robert De Niro as a talk show host, knowingly, and I get that it is somewhat a homage to those films, however at times it feels like those films already covered most of the same ground, but went into more depth with their films themes and messages, that’s why I would say this is my biggest criticism of the film and why it is not a “perfect” film.

The film shows jokers general collapse into insanity effectively, the film also taps into society's treatment of the mentally ill, this fits in well with the joker's origin story, I also liked how the film was very serious, but funny in parts when it needed to be, even if the film is still very dark throughout most of its runtime.

I liked how joker was a symbol and product of society and madness, the films significant message of society's treatment of others is also very effective, the film eventually shows a collapse of society that turns the film's world into chaos, this dystopian view also works in the films Favour.

My initial reaction to the film was a 10 but after thinking about it and writing this review, I give joker a 9/10.

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