Review: The Addams Family Movie

The Addams Family have been making people laugh and smile for decades and this early 90’s rendition of the creepy family is no exception. The film is about Uncle Fester coming back to the Addams family after 25 years. However, Fester is an imposter.... or is he? Darkly comedic and hilarious, this movie will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Every character in the film is perfectly casted and everyone gives a 10/10 performance. The plot consists of friendship, family and togetherness.

I adore this film because it combines gothic imagery and comedy together. All the characters are funny for individual reasons so none of the character feel like copies of each other. Gomez is funny for his childish and over the top antics; Wednesday has her dead pan and dark comments and actions and Mortica’s mysterious personality and love for Gomez.

What sets this film apart from the original television series is that the film is darker and with better sets and props.

The film also teaches children that it’s ok to not be normal and you can be different. Despite the dark humour, the film still makes the viewer feel good due to the family’s loyalty to each other and their going against the norm.

I would 100% recommend this film to anyone. 10/10

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