Royal Blood live at the De La Warr Pavillion

On Thursday August 8th 2019, I got given the chance to finally see Royal Blood live. The venue for the performance was in the De La Warr Pavilion which is a venue made available towards “contemporary artists, live music and comedy gigs, films, talks and tours and events for children and young people” in and out of the building. The band has many hits like the recent “Troubles Coming” ( and personal favourite “Hook, Line & Sinker” ( . They are heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Queens Of The stone age, Muse and many other bands/musicians. The band consists of Mike Kerr (Bass & Vocals) & Ben Thatcher (Drums). An interesting part of this band is their involvement in effects, for example, Mike Kerr sounds like he is playing on an electric guitar when in fact it’s actually a Bass guitar, the only two instruments involved for the instrumentation are drum and bass, however, this performance changed that with the implementation of synthesizers and a gong.

To start off the review, the performance was definitely worth it as I had not been to a gig like this with a crazy crowd of people, magnificent lighting and amazing booming live sound quality. This was a blast especially if you were a fan of the band. I had previously been a fan of this band, I had stopped listening to them for a year before this gig was announced so it had been a long time since I had heard music from Royal Blood. Before, I went I prepped myself with what I was in store for with songs like ‘Little Monster’ ( and ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ ( .

Before the main event, early visitors were greeted to the sound of a Ramone-esque band, The Mysterines. The Mysterines are a rock band from Liverpool consisting of three musicians, Lia Metcalfe (Vocals and guitar), George Favager (Bass) & (sadly departed from the band but was at the gig at the time) Chrissy Moore on the drums. The band played their own songs like ‘Hormone’ (, ‘Take Control’ ( and many more.

The Mysterine’s stage punky stage presence was very strong and even at one point resulted in them flinging a microphone and its stand into the crowd, this was very unexpected but helped support the angsty lyrics and musical style. Nobody was hurt from the microphone being flinged as there was a small section between the audience and the stage where security was standing, it did however, look like it went into the crowd, although, this was just because of how intimate the whole venue was. After the gig I ended up listening to more of The Mysterines and a personal favourite of mine is ‘Whos Ur Girl?’ ( This was my first introduction to The Mysterines, I listened to them a little bit before the gig, I was not too invested/impressed by what I had heard beforehand, seeing them live got me liking their music though.

When it was time for the main event, Royal Blood, the lights dimmed out. Suddenly, flashes of lights and subtle synth lines came in, until a roaring signal from Mike Kerr’s bass came on. The spotlights came on Mike and Ben and than boom were all skyrocketed into ‘Hook, line & Sinker’. I can’t precisely remember the setlist but it was a huge chunk of their music, definitely all the one’s most people know and love. When it came to ‘Little Monster’, we were given the treat of having Ben Thatcher go into a stretched drum solo with the giant gong behind him, this gave a refreshing break from the bass and also showed the band cared about little details as that was the only time he ever properly used the gong. During some of the songs there were also backing singers who joined Mike Kerr on certain songs like ‘How did we get so dark?’ and more. Mike Kerr as also incorporating a synthesizer into the performance, it was only really used for transitions, personally, I don’t think the synthesizer suited their style, they could have been a bit more rough and just went straight into the next song.

A negative for the performance was this high pitched screeching sound which occurred at the end of the performance for when we were meant to be exiting. I presume the sound came from a synth or a sample which was played by the live sound technician, this sound lasted for way too long and really did my ears in after the amount of roaring sounds from the performance, hopefully it was just a mistake by the sound technician and not a typical thing they would involve in their future performances. Royal Blood also gave us a new song called ‘Boilermaker’, sadly, I didn’t find it to stand out from their older songs. I also don’t think the song has picked up much reception from people as it hasn’t had a proper recording/release it seems quite under the rug and they’ve had a year to properly release it and they have already put out newer songs since then, it just seems like they have moved on with recent tracks like “Troubles coming”.

The venue was not very well planned however which resulted in the seating plan not really being a focus, so in reality you could be forced to spend less money to sit at the back on chairs at the back of the theatre when you could just sneak past the security and get to the front of the crowd, which is what I did. Luckily, my friend had a stamp which had just been printed on his hand, this meant he was able to also print it on to my hand and my friends hand and we were able to be allowed access to the crowd of people below where we were meant to be sitting. This was more enjoyable but it does show a flaw in how they are letting unrestricted people access certain areas in the De La Warr Pavillion’s venue.

However, apart from the two flaw’s I have mentioned, the performance was a good one and well worth the money especially with the other act, The Mysterines playing before the main act. I will definitely be wanting to see both bands again live in the future.

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