Safety Last

In lockdown I watched a film called Safety Last!, this film is most known for the iconic scene where Harold Lloyd’s character is hanging off a clock. Id seen quite a few buster Keaton films before where they do similar things and crazy stunts that wouldn’t be able to be done today and would no way pass the health and safety regulations.

Something that was unexpected was how convincing it was for how old it is. You really think that hes on the edge of a ledge and about to fall off it makes your feet tingle thinking hes that high up. Back then people did their own stunt and a lot of stunts they did probably wouldn’t be allowed now. In cinema today you tend to see far less silent cinema it would be nice to see that style of film come back.

What was so good about this is the fact that how you are tricked into thinking hes on the edge of the building and for how older it is it was so ahead of its time, the music adds to the un easy in the film as there is no dialogue the film relies on the music to steer your emotions within the film

You can’t fault this film because of the age of it, its so clever and brilliant there’s not much that could of made it better. And even if you could make it better it would be by using techniques that came long after this film was released.

How music plays such a important role within film and to be able to come up with such a brilliant story where the audience are happy and sad the film is ended. Not only that when making a film need and reling on a good story at the end of the day and being able to create a mood or feelings because without that it does not serve a lot of purpose.

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