Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I was at home during lockdown rewatching all of the Star Wars in order because of the amount of time I had on my hands, the film in particular I’m reviewing is Star Wars the last jedi it’s the second film of the newest trilogies. The film was directed by Rian Johnson in 2017, he has created a visually strong film with some brilliant shots but the plot was weak and many aspects where floored and he failed to answer the questions set to be answered from force awakens. In the past I’ve seen all the Star Wars films loved all of them some more than others however I haven’t been too keen on the newest trilogy. I was surprised at this film because of the little homework they actually did on the story and the logic of it. They failed too answer any of the questions that where set up to be answered from the film previous it was just covered up with dialogue with no meaning and just stalling the question. The film just seemed like a lame attempt for a major cash grab.

What was good about this film was regardless how bad the films script was and lazy writing some of the positive was the cinematography one of my favourite shots from the film was the where it imamates one of the most iconic scenes in star wars where looks out to a yellowy orange sky created by sun similar to original films where Luke is in Tatooine

What I thought was bad about the film was Mark Hamills character Luke had been destroyed. The director had a strange view on where he was taking the character. What he destroyed was the character that resembled hope, for example of this was the he saw light in one of the most evil and feared characters refusing violence but then to go and choose violence on one of his own students that hadn’t even turned to the dark side bare in mind this wasn’t a random kid it was his sisters and best friends kid that he attempted to kill. Fans didn’t take too well to this after all the film has some of the most diehard fans, even Mark Hamill didn’t like where it was going you can see this in the interviews that he was doing and his performance.

What I learnt is that even if you’re in a position of power you still have to do your research and understand the story and what happens within that universe like the power Rian showed while directing the film he clearly didn’t do his research and the backlash from the fans showed this, I think someone else that had stayed more true to the story of star wars and done their research would of done a better job than him.

To conclude I don’t think the film lived up to expectations story line wise but it being a Star Wars film it did very well in the box office. I still think its worth a watch despite the fact I hate most of the film. It was a let down in storyline and destroyed the parts of Star Wars but in regard to how it looks is great and it’s still watchable but as a whole I don’t like the film.

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