The inside outside piano

The inside outside piano was created by the musician Sarah Nicolls to bring an abstract and a crazy way to play the piano using the strings and other technology to help her create her music.

The thought of an inside it piano would be great but is clearly shown in this video that it doesn’t work at all. Sarah Nicolls the creator of this idea has created her very own inside out piano that she takes and travels around with performing for many different people. With the bazar way she plays this instrument it has destroyed its natural sounds causing it to sound horrific out of tune. When she started to perform the whole song was out of time with each of the sounds making big clashes and creating an unconfutable feel to the music.

While I was listing to her play in the video it made me feel on edge and inerrable to sit and watch with all the clashes in sounds and how it just sounded terrible all together.

Although the performance wasn’t the best I still like how they used the filming and the sounds together, for example at the start of the performance they had a repeated sound and every time that sounds was made they changed the angle of the camera to somewhere different to get a different perspective of her performing, and in these different angles you could see what she was doing with her hands to make sounds, like slapping the strings to make a clash sound and playing it normally with the keys or when you got a wider shot and could see she was using her feet to play a bass drum as well as the pedals of the piano.

If I was the photographer in this I would try capturing the way she uses the strings with her hands and the different technology she was using, if I was filming this I would try to capture the way the strings move after she its them and get up close to see the way they move so harshly. I liked the way the camera moved every time the reaper sound happened; I think I would try making my own version of this but maybe add in the audience viewing in it.

In each part of the clip the camera angles have been set out perfectly so that there is always a good view of what she id doing inside the piano and changes the audience once so often to show there reactions to the music and sounds that she is creating. Some of the cameras was set in placed and didn’t move the frame this I a good idea because it didn’t dicstract the view to follow her with the camera she just stayed in the centre so that you could clearly see every movement she was making.

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