The Land of Yes and No Review

‘The Land of Yes and No’ is a dance performance, performed by 6 dancers from the Sydney Dance Company, that took place in front of the Saint Pauls Cathedral, London. First, I need to make it clear that I am not someone who understands the meaning behind dance nor do I have any in depth knowledge of the dance world, however, I can enjoy a dance performance and that is what I will talk about.

The Land of Yes and No was an interesting performance, it was unique. Just from the name you can get a general idea on what the performance is about, but even whilst watching the performance, you are questioning what is happening, which I believe was their motive. The idea of not being able to decide yes or no and travelling between the two “lands” is basically the idea of confusion. Not being able to choose, not being able to understand and being left in the middle whilst trying to search for the correct answer? I call that confusion. Usually I find it difficult to connect the performance to the theme/name of what they are performing, but I could certainly connect a few things in the performance of ‘The Land of Yes and No’.

The entire performance flowed well all together and there was no mess-ups, the dancers performed ‘The Land of Yes and No’ perfectly. However, whilst I call my compliments, I do have some issues with the performance.

‘The Land of Yes and No’ is a dance performance that took place in front of the Saint Pauls Cathedral, outside on concrete steps. At first, it does not sound too bad, but the audience is made to sit down on concrete stairs, no seats to make them comfortable. Furthermore, this takes away the potential of the audience being stuck in the magic of the performance, which is what you will want to accomplish when trying to create a piece of art.

For example: A cinema is a great place to watch a movie when it first comes out because it is in a warm, comfortable and enjoyable environment, this is good because it allows the audien