The land of yes and no review

This was a live dance performance staged in central London starting with one female dancer that kept building though the sections of the dance adding in a male dancer then more and more people followed through out all the sections.

The thing I liked the most about this dance is in the video they used different film angles throughout all the showing with different techniques like fades, wide angles shots and close up shots to capture different areas, an example of this would be that they used the close up shots when it was a small group of people or just a single dancer at one point of time and the wide angles when there was a large group or all the dancers on stage at the same time. They also used a spilt technique where they filmed one group people and cut the screen in half with them and on the other they would put another small group or the lead dancer of the section, this helped to create that yes and no of the dance splitting them into two one side the yes and the other no.

I would recommend this to someone that likes dancer of is a dancer themselves to watch and maybe recreate or manipulate some of their work into their own cerography.

If I was the film director of this live performance I would take some still shot images and display them on the screen as it played, I liked the split idea they used in the video and I would change it going horizontally across and show the two different parts of the stairs the top where they come out and the middle where the main dancing took place.

In this performance video they used tow different angles on the screen at the same time showing two different sections of the of the dance but at different points of time it created the effect or mimicking the other side dance, this would a good technique to include in some of my work by maybe trying to film or time laps two different hairdressers/barbers at the same time and put them side my side playing next to each other. This will help to compare different styles of different people and help build on my creative skills as a photographer, this will also help to develop a media like style that I can learn.

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