Wireless 2019 in Finsbury park

Arts Award - Bailey Fryer

I experienced the thrill of going to a big festival for the first time. It lived up to the expectation in all honesty, the whole day was just good and exciting and even when you were there it was exhilarating as every performance was so good, but they all just got better and better.

The thing I loved most about wireless, is that everyone is carefree and happy, and everyone's energy is unmatchable. Even the staff and the performers, they just want your day to be the greatest. Also, I was in love with the fact that because it was such a big event everyone properly dressed up if their festival attire, and there was not one person dressed normally.

Music, dance, fashion, costume, lighting was involved which elevated the experience more, as it was used in a way for it to be unmatchable. All the music that was played was immaculate as each song just matched the vibe. All the dancers were amazing. All the fashion and costume were so classy, trendy and futuristic, you could only dream of wearing what the performers were wearing. The lighting was very clearly thought out as the lighting made the performance upgraded.

However, all the positive things, it way too overcrowded especially at the front right by the stage. There were also quite a few fights and it took long for the security or police to get there to sort it out. Moreover, when a song was playing and there was a beat drop everyone would make a mosh pit and even if you didn’t want to join in you would feel obliged too as everyone else was doing it and people would jump on you, push you, hit you by accident. The mosh pits was probably the scariest of all, as you don’t know how it will go. But in my personal view I think that that is standard, I think that that sort of stuff would happen at any festival.

I would highly recommend going to wireless as it is such an unforgettable day out and it not confusing or too much of a stressful day either. Not to mention you are seeing all the biggest artists, maybe even some of your favourites for not too much of an expensive price.

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